Drakeo Is Free

Drakeo The Ruler was in a Compton town hall for preliminary on Monday (November 2) where he acknowledged an unexpected plea bargain for time served from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office — and simply like that, Drakeo was on his way home.

On Wednesday (November 4), he shared a video of himself to his Instagram account with the inscription, "Think about who out YEAH EXACTLY."

The blossoming 26-year-old rapper was found not guilty of murder and endeavored murder in July 2019 yet was kept in jail due to two posse related charges that depended on the suspicion his Stinc Team rap bunch established a pack.

The jury was hung 10-2 and 7-5 for vindication on the posse related charges, yet the District Attorney's office selected to retry Drakeo for those charges, holding him for a year in prison without bail. Notwithstanding the vindication on the homicide and endeavor murder accusations, he was still facing life in prison if indicted.

The DA out of nowhere offered Drakeo a request bargain for time served," he composed. "He took it. The Ruler will be returning home today around evening time. @IamMRMOSELY is free."

He later added, "It's irrefutable that L.A. removing Jackie Lacey the previous evening assumed a significant part in the DA's choice," correspondent Jeff Weiss tweeted. "We have a long list of motivations to be critical, however this was where aggregate activity and association really delivered genuine profits. The bad dream is finished."

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