Nipsey Hussle's Family Has To Wait A Lil Longer

Nipsey Hussle's supposed executioner, Eric Holder, showed up in court on Tuesday in Los Angeles, but since of COVID, his family has to wait until 2021for a conclusion.

“I really don’t Know how we can realistically expect to see this case go to trial anytime in the next 90 days or more,” Judge Robert J. Perry said.

"Mr. Holder, I don't have a clue what to let you know aside from that the court framework and this area are tormented by an infection that we call the COVID infection, and the court framework has been a lot of affected," the appointed authority stated, tending to Holder at the litigant's table.

"You reserve the privilege to an expedient preliminary. Counsel is recommending that we have you returned on the 21st of January and see where we are and attempt to include a preliminary inside 30 days of the 21st, however you've heard my remarks, I don't feel that will occur," he said.

Holder consented to these terms while wearing a face veil and wearing a yellow shirt matched with blue jeans.

Judge Perry set a subsequent hearing for Jan. 21.

There's unmistakable video film that proposes Holder lethally shot Nipsey Hussle in the head and body outside of Nipsey's Clothing store.

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