Too Short, E-40 and Ice Cube Grouping Together

Too $hort uncovered he'd framed a supergroup with Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Bay Area legend E-40 during a meeting with MC Serch.

While addressing The Breakfast Club on Monday (December 14), Short and individual visitor E-40 discussed their looming Verzuz fight and furthermore addressed the OG foursome. As indicated by Short Dawg, they're doing it for the basic love of Hip Hop — no monetary prizes that may join it.

"Long story short man, we made a ton of melodies," Short said. "Furthermore, it truly distinct of what it's going to be nevertheless it's going to be something — it's simply a great deal of melodies. There is no [group] name. We simply some OGs; everyone got studios, and offices and rap beats … it's something like I feel we're doing this for Hip Hop. Also, we I said that … you could be doing it for the pack. No one needn't bother with the pack!"

"I feel like we got every one of these standards and guidelines and age limits," he proceeded. "Where's the best time region and who's the best time … who's the best age gathering — so much stuff that don't make no difference to Hip Hop. Since Hip Hop is truly wild. So when I state we doing it for Hip Hop — which is my primary inspiration — is I'm 54 years of age! In the event that we do anything, it's going to come out when I'm 55 years of age!

"Also, to drop something dope and to be a working MC who's been working since he was 15; never had another work, as truly like eating off Hip Hop my entire whole life, that to me should be persuasive to an exceptional rapper, a moving rapper, a set up rapper. You stay there and take a gander at yourself in the mirror like, 'What are my impediments?' 'I gotta quit doing this when I'm 35 … when I'm 40!' They continued revealing to me that! I was an 'OG Rapper' when I was 30 — 24 years prior!'"

As Short said, geting old in Hip Hop has been progressing. Dissimilar to take care of business, which sees The Rolling Stones actually visiting and being praised very much into their 70s, there is by all accounts this idea rap is just for the youthful.

"We pioneering trails," he added. "You can't reveal to me Fat Joe ain't doing it. You can't disclose to me E-40 ain't doing it … Snoop Dogg ain't doing it. Busta Rhymes. The sack is reliable in Hip Hop. Try not to do this geting old thing in Hip Hop. Try not to be an OG and reveal to me these youthful ain't doing it right. At the point when I look my streams and look and they streaming, I'm accomplishing something right!'"

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