Vinnin Is The Newest Top 16 Year Old Rapper From Canada (Interview)

Updated: Jan 6

We are here with Vinnin, it's really great to have you here with us @raremindframehiphop. Being only 16 years old, you are really young.

1. Who inspired you to become a hip hop artist at such a young age?

I used to listen to music from a young age, I really loved listening to different types of hip hop and I used to do covers of them on my own. I really wanted to show my talent to others so people encouraged me to sign for talent shows at school. People always asked me why I didn't make music and the amount of energy I get from each performance inspired me to make my own music. I wanted to inspire other children and rap my songs as well.

2. Are you working on an album or single? Yes. I am working on a single at the moment, looking to release it by the end of this month. Grind never stops, you already know, my foot always on the gas. 3. Who have you worked with so far in your career? I have recently worked with a friend from school that makes music as well: Lil Grayski. Soon going to work with other artists.

4. Being from Toronto, I have no idea about the rap scene over there, but, who are some of the hip hop underground artists from your city?

Some of the hip hop underground artists from here are Smoke Dawg, Drake, Pressa, Houdini, Why G, K Money, Lil Berete, Tizzy Stackz, and Duvy.

5. When you write your music what inspires your lyrics?

Whatever comes to the top of my head, writing takes a lot of time for me, I would make about 10-20 revisions on a song until I am satisfied. Listening to a lot of AR Paisley, NAV and Jay Whiss helps me write my music and inspire my lyrics.

6. Who do you want to work with soon?

I want to work with AR Paisley.

7. Who is your favorite rapper of all time?

My favorite rapper of all time would be NAV.

8. Tell us a little more about yourself, any struggles and your when was the first song you rapped on your own? Anything you want your fans to know about you!

My parents are of South Asian descent, I'm mixed Indian and SriLankan. I really loved music and started rapping at the age of 10. I made my first song that I put together myself called "Myself." I had a lot of support from my school and family members who encouraged me to release more music. Struggles I went through was just learning how to rap, write music and what flows and sounds go well with my voice. Progress takes time, whatever you have to do, put effort, time and dedication into it, and you will get better at it. Vinnin Stay Winnin!

9. What is your latest release at the moment?

My latest release at the moment is called "Losing My Mind." It's out on all platforms!

Music Video -

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10. What are your socials so that people can reach out to you!

YouTube -

Twitter -

Instagram -

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