Young Buck Is A Free Agent

while Buck went through four years under Cash Money Records, Buck never actually marked an arrangement with the label. Buck showed up in music recordings however never was an element. The rapper as of late uncovered why he chose to move back from the label, following quite a while of holding up in the shadows.

"I think with all the success that was coming with them, and Baby having to stay—and I understand it now. At the time I didn't understand it, just to be honest, but, like you said, they were dropping all of these different albums and Baby was basically chasing the success with the artists that was actually winning."

Buck clarified that he'd "constructed his city around him being among Cash Money."

"I became older, a little more eager for wanting my shot to happen and I left," said Buck. "Came back home and just started this basically, that's where the independence of me as an artist started. Was once I left from Cash Money. I came back to ground zero and I created a name for myself."

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